Improve your Company's Cyber Security Awareness

In our partnership with Knowbe4, we are giving you the ability to effectively test and train your employees to identify email scams, and improve their online habits. Our programs offers a variety of features to keep your company safe and protected.

{#/pub/images/3265Anchor.png}Phishing Security Tests

Test your employee’s ability to identify fake email scams with our realistic fake phishing templates. See how prone they are to clicking on bad emails and sites that could compromise your company.

{#/pub/images/3261WebDevelopment.png}Ransomware Simulator

In 2015, victims of ransomware paid out roughly $24 million to hackers using ransomware. We can simulate scenarios on your network to see how vulnerable you are to a ransomware infection.

{#/pub/images/3236SocialMediaCampaign.png}Domain Spoof Test

A popular email scam is it to use something called CEO fraud. This is when a hacker poses as a CEO or HR person at a company and uses their actual email address to trick employees into giving them information or money. We can test your domain to how likely it is to be spoofed.

{#/pub/images/1486762825_17.png} USB Security Tests

See how likely your employees click on files from a USB that they do not recognize. We send you a USB with a "beaconized" file on it that reports if anyone opened the file. 

{#/pub/images/3256PagerankChecker.png}Detailed Reports

We record detailed information and data from all our tests and simulators to show you how vulnerable your employees and network could be to a potential attack.

{#/pub/images/3277DirectorySubmission.png}Security Awareness Training

You will be provided with an extensive array of training tools including videos, games, modules, posters, and newsletters.


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