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Preferred Business Systems is a LEAP certified consultant and can help your firm install, integrate and manage LEAP to fit all of your legal needs. Our consultants are trained on all aspects of LEAP to help you increase your productivity across all of your legal needs

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{#/pub/images/85GlobalBanks.png}  Legal Matter Management

  • Automatic time-recording.
  • Matter files pre-configured for major areas of law.
  • Create alerts for notifactions. 
  • Customize permission and give users specific access to files. 
  • With the LEAP app, access your matters from anywhere. 

{#/pub/images/65SameDayClearing.png}  Document Management

  • Quickly retrieve documents from any device.
  • Secure documents to protect confidential information.
  • View documents on mobile devices and tablets.
  • Microsoft outlook intergration. 

{#/pub/images/83FreeInternetBanking.png}  Document Creation

  • Automated legal forms to fit all of your cases.
  • With LEAP 365, automate all of your legal forms from anywhere.
  • Automatically merge data to reduce errors and save time.

{#/pub/images/1283Currencybriefcase.png}  Legal Billing Software

  • Reduce erros and create bills faster.
  • QuickBooks integration.
  • Create invoices for specific matters.

{#/pub/images/71Economy.png}  Legal Reports

  • Easily export to Excel.
  • Customizable reports and scheduling.
  • Easy communication between third parties.  

{#/pub/images/1286Clock.png}  Automated Legal Forms

  • Easily find and locate your forms.
  • Quickly merge and create new forms.
  • Access and send your legal documents from your mobile device. 

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