Ruckus Unleashed is a controller-less wireless LAN solution that enables SMBs to deliver an optimal wireless experience at an affordable price point. Configure in 60 seconds and deployed in minutes, Ruckus Unleashed eliminates the complexity pitfall of a controller-based WLAN. 

The Benefits of Managed Wi-Fi

Technical Impact

  • With Ruckus Unleased, you can support up to 25 access points per network.
  • Smart redundancy allows for the access points to remain connected for devices even if an access point fails.
  • With Ruckus Wireless, you get the best performance with enterprise level hardware.

 Business Impact

  • Eliminate the costs and license fees associated with using a controller.
  • In the future, easily migrate to use any current or future Ruckus platforms.
  • Utilize customizable portals to market your pages and build brand equity. You’re also able to warn hackers with your banner, and inform your users that they are connected to the right network.

 User Impact

  • With Ruckus Wi-Fi, deliver a fast and reliable experience to your business and customers.
  • Enable users to login with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • Easily and securely onboard guest users with a guest pass, email or SMS.
Watch these videos from Ruckus Wireless to Learn More About their Wi-Fi Solutions  

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