A New High Risk of Evil AI Attacking Employees With Ransomware

Date: January 10, 2018

By: PBS Marketing

Ransomware attacks will undoubtedly be on the rise in 2018 and we particularly need to watch out for sophisticated attacks harnessing AI. AI, or Artificial Intelligence, by definition is the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior. According to Justin Fier, director of threat intelligence and analysis at cybersecurity company, Darktrace Inc., these AI-leveraged attacks can “mimic writing styles, review appointments, and send ‘directions’ for an upcoming meeting to the victim”.

The ability of AIs to pronounce complex words, as well as consider speaking tones and punctuation could manipulate many into thinking they are hearing a real human voice.

Therefore, in 2018 and beyond, think before offering sensitive information in any manner: over emails, the internet, any messaging services, or over the phone.

I am writing as part of the Horizon Pest Control Admin team. I am the person who often interfaces with the service vendors and I can’t say enough about the PBS Customer Service staff and the Technicians. They are always such a pleasure to deal with at times helping us resolve an issue over the phone!

  • Karen L. Schmidt
  • Horizon Pest Control