Chris Revell

Cryptocurrency Scams

Cryptocurrency Scams

Preferred Business Systems Scam of the Week: Cryptocurrency Scams, More Than a “Bit” Unsettling Many people are aware of the growing popularity of cryptocurrency. If you don’t know, cryptocurrency is digital currency that utilizes encryption methods to secure transactions – serving as a “no banks for your bucks” type service. As the market grows, the …

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Bad Guys Go Nuclear

Heads-up. You think it couldn’t get any worse, but some bad guys have sunk to a new low. They are now exploiting recent active shooter events on campus to send people into a panic, causing them to “click-by-reflex” to find out if a loved one is safe. This same phishing attack could be used against …

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Cyber Threat Alert From PBS

A new malware campaign is targeting Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers to steal credentials and other sensitive data, according to researchers at Proofpoint. Dubbed “Vega Stealer,” the malware is being spread via phishing emails targeting marketing, advertising, public relations, retail, and manufacturing companies. Attached to the email is a word document containing malicious macros …

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