Bad Guys Go Nuclear

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Heads-up. You think it couldn’t get any worse, but some bad guys have sunk to a new low. They are now exploiting recent active shooter events on campus to send people into a panic, causing them to “click-by-reflex” to find out if a loved one is safe.

This same phishing attack could be used against any organization with an active shooter protocol and training in place. If you see emails with titles like:

  • “IT DESK: Security Alert Reported on Campus”
  • “IT DESK: Campus Emergency Scare”
  • “IT DESK: Security Concern on Campus Earlier”

Please think before you click, and look for any red flags related to a phishing scam. In any case, report suspicious emails using the Phish Alert Button, or by following the procedure put in place by your organization.


Let’s stay safe out there!

Stop Look Think  – Don’t be fooled.

Preferred Business Systems Team


Always remember: “When in doubt, throw it out!”

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