How To Pick the Perfect Internet Browser – 2019 Edition

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I’m the type of person that is constantly jumping from browser to browser. One minute I’m using Chrome, the next Firefox, and then I wind up in some random browser called Vivaldi. It’s clear I have browser commitment issues, I like the change of scenery and different browsers offer different features and benefits. When online, the browsers is the place you live – it’s important to pick a browser that can integrate with applications and extensions that you already use on a regular basis.

Things to Consider When Picking a Browser

  1. Are you picking a browser for work? This is important because not all browsers play nicely with the online applications you need to use at work. For some wacky reason, some website at work may require a specific version of Internet Explorer to work. You could jump back and forth between browsers, but that can get annoying.
  2. What other apps and email services are your regularly using? If you’ve hitched your wagon to services like Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar then you probably want to consider making Chrome your go-to browsers. Chrome has built-in extensions that work very well with the services Google offers. Firefox and Opera have extensions that work with Google products as well, but they may not integrate as nicely.
  3. Are you concerned about security and privacy? Considering the Internet is full of security risks, it’s important to pick a browser that has your safety and security in mind. Some browsers, like Firefox, offer phishing and malware protection, unsafe website blocking, and more.
  4. Do you like the browsers appearance and functionality? If you’re using a browser every day, it’s important to pick one that is visually appealing that you can easily navigate. Most browsers kinda look the same nowadays, but many offer extensive customization options so you can get the look just right.

What Browser Should I Pick?

Google Chrome: I’m going to assume you’re reading this article while using Chrome as your browser. Chrome has become the most used browser because of it’s nearly unrivaled Web Store and integration with other applications. Chrome regularly has security updates and patches which protect you from the latest security threats and as I said earlier, Chrome works well out-of-the-box with their other apps like Gmail, Drive, and more.

However, Chrome does have its drawbacks. It uses a lot of resources and RAM which could slow down the performance of your computer. Also, not everyone is a fan of using Google products because of security and privacy concerns.

Firefox: Over the past year, Firefox has closed the gap on other browsers with a handful of updates that have increased performance to the point where it only takes about 4 seconds to fully load content-heavy websites.

Like Chrome, Firefox has a large library of extensions for nearly anything you might be looking to use. Additionally, in my opinion, Firefox tends to have better customization options compared to Chrome where you can better update the address bar and the layout of icons.

What about the rest?

Opera: Surprisingly, there are a lot of diehard Opera fans out there. It has a lot of features like Chrome and Firefox, but also comes with a free built-in VPN for enhanced privacy.

Edge: Edge doesn’t have the vast library of extensions like Chrome or Firefox, but does load relatively fast and does a good job of warning users about infected web pages. Also, Edge comes with Office 365 tab so you can easily access recently used Office Files, sites, and access to other quick links

How to Pick The Perfect Browser For You?

There’s a lot to consider when picking the perfect browser to hitch your wagon too. Some browsers are faster than others, some offer a deeper library of extensions, and others give you seemingly endless customization options. If you’re in the market for a new browser or just looking to try something new, your best bet would be to take a couple of different browsers for a spin and see what you think.

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