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Introducing Savin’s New Intelligent Devices

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Introducing Savin’s new range of Intelligent Devices: The smart choice for a forward- thinking business.

With Savin’s new intelligent devices, simply add software solutions, applications and cloud services as you need them to optimize your document management workflows and help your employees work faster, smarter and more securely. SAVIN Always Current Technology allows new features, applications and upgrades to be downloaded and installed directly to your device on request.

Expect outstanding quality, access and productivity across digital and print

Savin’s advanced printing technologies deliver sharp text and true color without saturation, so you get the best quality print results every time. Expect much more than excellent print results from your Savin Intelligent Device. After all, it’s the hub of your business’s document management workflow. Digitize your document processes to enable swift yet secure access to information as it’s needed. Easily connect mobile devices using our Smart Device Connector and other mobile applications to print, scan and access documents seamlessly regardless of location.

Rely on high-level security and certifications, built-in

Savin Intelligent Devices embody our deep commitment to protecting businesses from security risks. Security is in the DNA of our entire digital workplace portfolio. Always has been, always will be. Savin enables secure access to data while ensuring that security features and products don’t hinder business innovation, functionality or productivity — so you can get on with the job knowing your data is safe.

Minimize your business’s carbon footprint

When you partner with Savin, you’re making an environmentally sound choice thanks to our deep and enduring commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of our devices and workflow. Savin’s Intelligent Devices offer low energy consumption without sacrificing business productivity. The Default Auto Off timer setting reduces power consumption, operating costs and carbon footprint when the device is not active — while a quick recovery time makes sure there is no impact on your productivity.

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