Cloud servers

Taking your server to the cloud gives your business a flexible server solution with the added scalability, security, and the ability to work from essentially anywhere that some physical server can’t offer.
PBS Cloud

Your Desktop in the Cloud

It’s your desktop in the cloud, accessible from all your devices. From your workspace, you are connected to all of your files and applications.

Physical Stand-Alone Line of Business Servers

• Nightly snapshots, kept for a minimum of 7 days.
• Weekly snapshots, kept for a minimum of 5 weeks − stored off-site in geographically diverse data centers.

Quick and Easy Access from Anywhere

• Access your desktop, files and applications from all your devices. Our responsive solution connects you very quickly to your workspace.
• Consistent user experience across your PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Amazon Web Services


Within minutes easily decrease or increase the capacity of your AWS server. Simultaneously commission anywhere between one to thousands of server instances.


AWS comes equipped with support and network architecture designed to meet the requirements of your security needs.


AWS can easily integrate with services such as Amazon S3, Amazon Relational Database Services, and Amazon VPC to provide a complete and secure solution for your cloud.

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure

Hybrid Cloud Solution

Azure is a hybrid approach to the cloud with consistency across the entire platform including application development, security, and management.


With Azure, your service is equipped with more than 100 services, end-to-end management, and application delivery.

Business Intelligence

Better integrate with existing systems by choosing a feature-rich, enterprise-ready platform. Maximize resources, monitor access to data and assets, help ensure security and compliance—and deliver a business intelligence solution designed for the needs of your organization.

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