Cybersecurity Awareness

With Knowbe4, we effectively test and train your employees to identify email scams and improve their online habits. Our programs offers a variety of features to keep your company safe and protected through the use of simulated phishing attacks, videos, and more. 

Monthly Training

Monthly Training

As part of your training, your employees are provided with an extensive array of training tools including videos, games, newsletters, and more.

Phishing Scams

Phishing Tests

Test your ability to identify scams with realistic phishing emails. See how prone you are to clicking on emails that could compromise your business.

Cybersecurity Reports


Get detailed reports on how well your employee are performing in their training to see which ones may need additional help and training.

Ransomware Simulator

Ransomware is costing businesses millions of dollars. We simulate scenarios on your network to see how vulnerable you are to ransomware.

Phish Alert Button

Phish alert button gives your users a safe way to forward email threats to the security team for analysis and deletes the email from the user's inbox to prevent future exposure.

Domain Spoof Tests

A popular email scam is when a hacker uses a CEO or HR person's email to trick people into giving them money or information. We can test your domain to see how likely it could be spoofed.

Ransomware Simulator

Weak Password Tests

We'll analyze all of your passwords to see how susceptible your accounts are to being compromised.

USB Security Tests

We can drop off a USB at your office to see how likely your employees are to put a compromised USB in their PC.

Second Chance Button

The second chance button warns you before you click on a suspicious link in an email so you don't click on a scam.

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