Data backup

Building an effective disaster recovery solution requires not only technical expertise, but also a complete understanding of an organizations’ business objectives. At Preferred Business Systems, we monitor and manage your entire backup process to ensure you never have to worry about losing valuable data again.

Managed Backup

Managed Backup

We schedule and monitor backups for your environment, and provide choices for offsite backups to make sure business continuity is our top priority.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

PBS will deal with any disaster that may occur, and we will make sure you are restored and running in an efficient manner.

Cloud Backups

Cloud Backups

With Cloud Backups, your valuable business information and data is easily recoverable in the cloud and is accessible 24/7.

Disaster Recovery Features

Fault Tolerance

Your data is backed up in a highly distributed and fault-tolerant disaster recovery cloud that is maintained and monitored 24/7 and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Disaster Recovery Cloud

The way to ensure you can recover systems during a site-wide or regional disaster is to have safe copies of backups in other locations that are easy to access. To protect on-premises systems and data, we offer a cloud that's purpose-built for disaster recovery.


Our backup program allows us to virtualize a failed server or network instantly after a server issue or loss of data when needed.


File and Folder backup features

Continuous Recovery

Your backup is always on and up to date with continuous recovery ensuring your data is always secure.

Data Archiving

Easily archiving your data allows easy recovery and quick access to meet compliance objectives.

File Versioning

Your backup program is customized to fit your business allowing us to determine how many backups per day and how many file versions to retain.


Office 365 Backup

Never worry about losing or accidentally losing a file again. With StorageCraft for Office 365, your business gets full protection for Exchange, calendars, contacts, OneDrive, SharePoint, and public shared folders.


G Suite Backup

StorageCraft Cloud Backup for G Suite is a flexible and reliable backup solution for all your Google Applications. Easily and quickly recover your Gmail, calendars, contacts, Google Drive, and public cared folders.

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