LEAP Legal Software

LEAP Legal Software

Preferred Business Systems is a LEAP certified consultant and can help your firm install, integrate and manage LEAP. Our consultants are trained on all aspects and features of LEAP to help you increase your productivity across all of your legal needs.

Matter Management

With LEAP, take advantage of automatic time recording, pre-configured files, customized permissions and much more.

Legal Billing

Legal Billing

Easily create invoices for specific matters and reduce errors to create bills faster. Also, seamlessly integrate LEAP with QuickBooks.

Legal Reports

Legal Reports

With Cloud Backups, your valuable business information and data is easily recoverable in the cloud and is accessible 24/7.

Document Creation

Automated legal forms to fit all of your cases and with LEAP 365, automate all of your legal forms from anywhere. Automatically merge data to reduce errors and save time.

Document Management

Quickly retrieve documents from any device and secure documents to protect confidential information. View documents on mobile devices and utilize Microsoft outlook integration.

Legal Forms

Easily find and locate your forms. Quickly merge and create new forms. Access and send your legal documents from your mobile device.

Online Payments

LEAP will generate a payment footer on invoices, statements, and trust payment requests. Clients easily pay online via Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express).

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