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Server Solutions

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Full Server Setup and Service

Servers are at the heart of your IT infrastructure, and we can make sure that everything works to keep your business going day and night. 

We take care of hardware, software, and everything in between. We’re also in partnership with many software companies, which helps us provide you the best server configuration and support.

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Our Server Services

Backups -- we’ll schedule regular backups that make sense for your business so you’re not interrupted -- and know your data is safe

Migration -- We’ll make sure that your data is transferred safely, and if disaster happens, we’re ready to migrate backed up data so you are up and running

Troubleshooting -- We’ll make sure that your data is available 24/7

Benefits of PBS Servers

Secure data -- our server setups are created to safeguard your data against any issues, internal or external

Constant monitoring -- We keep an eye on your server to make sure you have no problems between your users, network, and software

Backups -- We backup your data so you don’t have to worry about data loss if something disrupts your systems

Physical Server Solutions


Hyper-V allows the creation of virtual hard drivers, switches, and other devices. It’s a perfect solution for businesses of all sizes that want to consolidate servers and resources -- your IT environment will be virtualized.


Increased productivity

Scalable for businesses of all sizes

Flexible storage and software capabilities


VMware is a hypervisor and server management platform which allows for a variety of configuration options. You’ll be able to partition your server into multiple virtual machines.


Virtual machines can easily be moved between hosts

No risk of downtime or productivity loss

Helping businesses become more productive, profitable, and efficient.

What Does Your Business Need?

Why Preferred Business Systems?

We work with you to create the IT solution that works for your business both today and in the future.

Cloud Servers

We support cloud servers on our own PBS Cloud as well as AWS and Azure cloud servers

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Server Solutions

From migration to software integration, your data remains well-maintained and secure

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Managed IT Services

Managed and coordinated IT services ensure your productivity and security

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Data Backup

Data backup and disaster recovery programs provide you for your peace of mind

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Cybersecurity is your first line of defence against threats -- and we train your staff to identify risks

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Email Hosting

Email hosting to make sure your internal and external communications remain smooth

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Network Solutions

Efficient network infrastructure keeps things running -- no matter how complex the installation

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LEAP Legal Software

We’re LEAP certified -- our trained and experienced team will help you increase your productivity

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All-in-One Solutions

PBS has the experience and talent to be your one-stop solution for IT and Office Automation.

We’ve got the experience and the know-how to make sure that the solution we create together works for your business and your needs.

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