Preferred Business Systems COVID-19 FAQ

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How can I get support for IT and Copiers?

You can always visit our website and fill out a support ticket for the specific services that we offer; Managed IT Services, Copier Services, Mail Machine, Marketing/Social Media, Shredders, and more!

To place a service call for any of these services please visit:

Our phones will be live as much as possible but if there is a chance of any service disruption, we always have a plan to assist our clients!

How can we disinfect our copiers, printers and scanners?

Most anti-bacterial wipes are acceptable in cleaning your machine, including the touch screen. Lysol wipes have been used without showing any issues.

Do not spray anything directly on your device or using powdered cleaner as this will damage your device.

Do not use wipes that contain bleach, ammonia, or cleaning solvents. These tend to cloud your touchscreen panel, causing possible replacement. If you don’t know which to use or are wondering if you should use it, don’t until you confirm with our service team!

What precautions are your field service technicians taking prior to entering our building for a service call?

Technicians and all our employees are following CDC recommendations for washing hands, contact, and sanitization.

All technicians are equipped with cleaning products and will clean your machine prior to servicing and before they leave.

We are monitoring the outbreaks and will not have technicians visiting areas with virus exposure.

Should I expect any Managed IT services Disruptions?

There will be no anticipated disruptions to any services we provide our clients. In addition to implementing our own support plan, our team will be working with all our partners to ensure all services remain operational.

Are there ways to use my Savin Copier without touching the touchscreen?

You can install the FREE Ricoh Smart Device Connector app if your device supports it. The Savin Smart Device Connector app lets you quickly access your supported Savin Multifunction Printer or projector by registering it with a smart device via NFC, Bluetooth, QR code, or IP address.

Using the app, you can print from your print server, emails, file attachments, webpages, and projects from Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft One Drive.

You can also Scan to a smart device or Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive.

To stay up to date with Preferred Business Systems COVID-19 Processes, statuses, and company updates, please follow our website or Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

If you have additional questions, please contact your sales rep / support team / place a service call / or email

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