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Reasons to Use PaperCut on your Savin Copier

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PaperCut is a print management software that allows for monitoring and tracking of print jobs, ‘bring your own device printing’ and custom job management. PaperCut comes with a variety of features that also include secure print release, the ability to bill back your clients, and find-me printing.

Here are 5 reasons to use PaperCut on your Savin Copier:

1. Client Billing
Take advantage of PaperCut’s pay-per-use model to recover printing costs. For large organizations like universities or colleges, easily integrate with 3rd party payment services like PayPal, Authorize.Net, RBS WorldPay, and more.

2. Secure Print Release
A key feature of PaperCut is user authentication, only allowing device access to authorized users. With secure print release, individuals can utilize a username and password through your onscreen keyboard to quickly secure your print jobs. Some companies may also use ID card authentication for added security.

3. Monitor and Reports on Usage
With advanced monitoring and reporting, you can track all aspects of print/copy/scan/fax management. The reporting system allows for detailed logs that can be broken down to the specific user, department, device, and even environmental impact.

4. BYOD Printing
PaperCut allows users to print from any device they might be using throughout the day including a computer, phone or tablet. PaperCut’s simple solution enables access to essentially any operating system, location, file format, and device.

5. Print Policies
Create specific rules to limit and enforce print policies for your users. Take advantage of filters to create page limits, force users to print double-sided, or create a rule so large jobs print in grayscale.

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