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Report Use and Reduce Cost with PaperCut

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Are you looking for a more efficient way to control costs and stop wasting paper on your Savin copier?

With PaperCut, you can easily create scripts to enforce print policies that will eliminate waste, cut costs, and change how your users print.

Advanced Job Scripting

    • Automatically route high-volume print jobs to specific copiers
    • Keep users from printing emails with popup print policy warnings
    • Enforce double-sided printing
    • Disable color printing for specific user groups

Detailed Reporting

PaperCut includes over 50 one-click reports available for online viewing, printing or export. Reports address all areas ranging from detailed page logs to summaries by user, department, device or environmental impact. Administrators can create adhoc reports by applying filter conditions and reports can be emailed to specfied people on a regular schedule.

Secure Print Release

PaperCut’s Find-Me printing feature enables users to print to a global virtual queue. Jobs are paused and only printed when the user releases the job at any compatible MFD/printer

        • Find-Me printing helps minimize waste and has been show to reduce printing output by up to 20%
        • Support for multiple release methods ranging from auto
          release on authentication to active release job-by-job.

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