Savin Copiers for Education

Savin Copiers Make a Great Fit in the Classroom

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With a wide array of software and hardware options, Savin copiers are a seamless fit in any classroom or university. Both teachers and students can enjoy the ability to easily and efficiently print, copy, and scan all of their documents without having to worry about missing a deadline.

Why Savin Copiers Are Great for Education:

1. Take Advantage of the Cloud
The ICE Cloud for Education package allows your staff and students to print directly to many popular cloud applications like Google Drive, DropBox, Office 365, Evernote, and more. Make it easier for everyone to access their documents and assignments directly from the cloud!

2. Easily Integrate with Learning Management Systems like Blackboard or Canvas
You can easily scan and upload documents or assignments into your courses on BlackBoard or Canvas. Not only can you efficiently scan documents, but you can also print directly from your Blackboard account to a cloud-enabled Savin MFP at any time.

3. Secure Your Copier and Documents
With your Savin MFP, you can easily avoid security risks by taking advantage of features specifically designed for your MFP that doesn’t compromise ease of use.
Locked Paper Trays: Prevent paper theft with securely locked paper trays. The lock is built directly into the paper tray to prevent tampering.
Bypass Tray Seal: You can easily hide the paper tray to prevent users from loading paper types that could potentially damage your MFP.

4. Track and Monitor Usage
With PaperCut, you can easily monitor your staff and each department’s copier usage to ensure you aren’t wasting paper and toner. Even implement settings that force specific users to print in black and white and double-sided.

It’s clear that Savin copiers offer unrivaled support and features to make managing documents at your school or university much easier. You’re able to take advantage of popular cloud applications and security features that make it a breeze for everyone to use!

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