What is https?

What is HTTPS?

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If you have ever signed in to a website such as Facebook or Amazon, you will notice that on the login page, the URL will change from ‘http’ to ‘https’.

What that little ‘s’ stands for is secure. It means that your web browser and the website have both agreed to communicate securely so that no other individuals will be able to ‘listen in’ on your conversation.

If you needed to communicate some sensitive information such as a password to someone else, you would not shout out in the open ‘HERE IS MY PASSWORD’.

Typing sensitive information into a browser when the URL does not have https, is like shouting out that information for others to hear.

Just remember to look for that little important ‘s’ when transmitting any sensitive information through a web browser.

Remember, you’re the last line of defense to prevent a cyber-attack on your organization.

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