8 Ways to Avoid Malware

It’s virtually impossible to be on the Internet without coming across something that could be malware. Because of this, we need to be mindful of the websites we are visiting, links we are clicking on, and files we are downloading. Read below for our 5 tips to avoid malware.

5 Ways To Avoid Malware

1. Always follow policy
Most businesses and IT departments have a set of policies and procedure to keep the business and its employees protected from cyber security threats.

2. Think before you click
If an email looks suspicious then alert your IT or security department. Don’t click on any links or download attachments

3. Install anti-virus and anti-malware software
Your IT department probably has you equipped with ant-virus software already, if not, do some research and find the best one for your business. Also, make sure your personal devices have anti-virus software as well.

4. Keep off public WiFi networks
Open networks are usually untrustworthy and leave you susceptible to cybercriminals. If possible, try to use a VPN on public networks.

5. Make sure your devices are up-to-date.
Always ensure your devices, including computers, laptops, mobile devices, and tablets have the latest updates and security patches.

6. Check the website you’re on
In some cases, cyber criminals wil setup imposter websites in an attempt to steal your information. You may think you’re on Facebook but you accidentally spelled it wrong and wound up on a fraudulent website.

7. Check your downloads
Check your sources before downloading any software. Like the tip from above, you could be on an imposter website and downloading infected software.

8. Use an adblocker
We mentioned malvertising in this blog post. While some ads are legitimate, others are infected with malicious code in an attempt to steal your data.

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