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Cybersecurity Awareness

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Cybersecurity Awareness

We’ll effectively train and test your team to keep your IT safe. They’ll improve their online habits and identify email scams.  They’ll become your first line of security.

We offer a range of programs to keep your company safe, including simulated phishing attacks, videos, quizzes, and games. This important task doesn’t need to be drudgery.

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Cybersecurity Services

Ransomware simulators -- to check your vulnerability

Second Chance and Phishing alert buttons -- we can make sure that email threats warn team members before clicking or get sent to the security team

Password tests -- we’ll look for weak passwords on your email and network accounts

USB and Domain Security tests -- we’ll see how secure you are from compromised USB thumbdrives and fraudulent use of your domain in email

Benefits of PBS Cybersecurity Training

Monthly training -- we’ll provide new and veteran team members with the training tools they need, including videos, games, and newsletters

Phishing tests -- We’ll help everyone stay alert to threats by sending test phishing emails, allowing everyone to see how scammers work

Reporting -- We’ll analyze the training results and let you know how your staff responds to the training

Helping businesses become more productive, profitable, and efficient.

What Does Your Business Need?

Why Preferred Business Systems?

We work with you to create the IT solution that works for your business both today and in the future.

Cloud Servers

We support cloud servers on our own PBS Cloud as well as AWS and Azure cloud servers

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Server Solutions

From migration to software integration, your data remains well-maintained and secure

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Managed IT Services

Managed and coordinated IT services ensure your productivity and security

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Data Backup

Data backup and disaster recovery programs provide you for your peace of mind

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Cybersecurity is your first line of defence against threats -- and we train your staff to identify risks

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Email Hosting

Email hosting to make sure your internal and external communications remain smooth

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Network Solutions

Efficient network infrastructure keeps things running -- no matter how complex the installation

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LEAP Legal Software

We’re LEAP certified -- our trained and experienced team will help you increase your productivity

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All-in-One Solutions

PBS has the experience and talent to be your one-stop solution for IT and Office Automation.

We’ve got the experience and the know-how to make sure that the solution we create together works for your business and your needs.

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